“EUCULTMANAGEMENT” is a WBL project for learning new knowledge and skills in the field of “Cultural Heritage and Tourism” for 31 students of the fourth year of upper secondary education, lasting 21 days in Spain (a group of 21 participants) and Belgium (a group of 10 participants), in synergy with two VET providers: Talent and Creativity Association (applicant new-comer) and TIA – Transfer in Innovation (coordinating partner). Two secondary high schools in Lazio, 4 in Sardinia together with two Municipalities, a Chamber of Commerce and two foreign host organizations have set up the Mobility Consortium.

The proposal intends to affect positively on the strong mismatch, compared to the students’ medium and low-skill profiles, between the average output skills provided by the traditional curricula in the tourist / linguistic technical field and input skills required by firms of the sector in order to enhance their competitiveness and flexibility with regard to ongoing changes in the labor market related to the project’s sector, which represents a high level of economic and employment development. The final objective is to enable them, through the mobility, to act with autonomy, responsibility and assume operational roles in working processes.